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About 82% Pakistani’s drink in unclean water: Federal Minister

While addressing a seminar!

Rana Tanveer Hussain, the Federal Minister for Science and Technology has exposed a shocking yet disturbing fact about the Pakistani community that more than 80% of the nation is living in using polluted water.

Taking questions from the journalists after a press conference.
Taking questions from the journalists after a press conference.

It was discussed by the Senate Standing Committee which works for Science and Technology on Wednesday. The committee discussed to provide drinkable water to majority of the nation but Rana Tanveer has said that even mineral water bottles are not 100% pure and drinkable.

Rana Tanveer further added that if committee desires to know the exact figures, they will be shocked to hear that because they are painful. Mian Atiq has said that not using clean water is the reason of spreading out various diseases in the nation.

Mian Atiq further added that Pakistan has an increased ratio of spreading Hepatitis and the factor playing vital role in this is usage of polluted water. The experts have measured and notified the committee that the shortage of drinkable water would reach 31% by 2025 which is 24% in 2004.

The violators and fraudulent companies are not punished and they are playing with the lives of people, so the laws and regulations must be revised now. The government needs to step forward making tough decisions to make Pakistan “Healthy and Long-Living”

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