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Afghanistan once again blaming Pakistan of aiding Terrorists

Pak-Afghan relations again in critical position

Janan Mosazai, Afghani Ambassador to Pakistan has accused that terrorists from Mohamand and Orakzai Agency in Pakistan are shifting and joining Daesh in Afghanistan. He was addressing to the participants in an event related to Pak-Afghan relations, where he alleged 60-70% members of Afghan Daesh are Pakistani Natives.

Afghanistan's ambassador to Pakistan
Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan

Mosazai stressed upon the fact that ISIS is unconditional threat to the entire world specially this region. He said however, Afghanistan will not allow any organization to pose a threat to Pakistan, staying in Afghanistan.

He spoke in favor of India saying that India has played a very positive role in building Afghanistan once again after the war and is at goodwill gesture with the country.

Janan Mosazai praised Pakistan for hosting Afghan Refugees for more than three decades, his country is thankful to Pakistan for that.

Pakistan recently has hosted a meeting where representatives from four different countries have participated and discussed over the circumstances. Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry represented Pakistan, Deng Xijun represented China, Hekmat Khalil Karzai was from Afghanistan and Richard Olson participated on behalf of USA.

Aizaz is foreign secretary to Pakistan, Hekmat Khalil is Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, Deng Xijun is China’s special delegate for Afghanistan and Richard Olson is US ambassador to Pakistan and delegate for Afghanistan.

All the participants vowed for Afghan government to immediately hold meetings with Taliban and only then, the region would be at peace.

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