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APS Diary: Where Courage won over Cowardice

They will be remembered, for Eternity.

16th Dec, 2014. A Horrific day for humanity, when cowardice attacked courage, when fearfulness attacked fearlessness, when timidity attacked audacity, it was a day when the world witnessed cowardice getting beaten up by bravery.

They will rise and shine again!!!
They will rise and shine again!!!

Army Public School Peshawar was attacked in the morning by terrorists. Above hundred students embraced martyrdom and a lot more sustained injuries for life time. Below is a collection of some heroes and heroic acts.

A Mischievous Child:

Shah Fahad enrolled in the school fourth months before the attack. Aged 16, he was the son of Misal Khan and Shukria Bibi.

His parents still remember his mischievous acts
His parents still remember his mischievous acts

His parents wanted to keep him close to their eyes so they admitted him in APS Peshawar; he was previously living in Hayatabad with his Aunt. But his parents never knew they are going to lose his sight soon for eternity.

A mischievous young boy he was, even before going to school that day, he ordered his sisters not to eat the sweets gifted by his uncle. But his fate did not let him return to enjoy those sweets.

The Army Officer:

The Youngest Brother.
The Youngest Brother.

Taimoor Malik, one of the students was also a victim of this tragedy. He belonged to Charsada, youngest in his siblings. He wanted to be an army officer, which he depicted in a play, days before this accident happened. His friends say he embraced martyrdom heroically.

The SherShah:

Multi-Talented, Loved to study about Horses.
Multi-Talented, Loved to study about Horses.

SherShah was another student of APS. He was as brilliant as his name suggests. SherShah, in history was a prolific and brilliant Rulers of Mughal Empire.

He was an indigenous and honest Pukhtoon in his heart. He loved to read about horses. He was interested in Islamic and Turkish History. He was eldest of his siblings and his father still hues for him every night.

The First Day:

Queen who did not return on the first day of her kingdom's visit.
Queen who did not return on the first day of her kingdom’s visit.

Who could ever imagine of getting the school on the very first day and getting on to the eternal route from there. It is the story of Khaula, the youngest of martyrs.

Daughter to Altaf Hussain and Safoora Bibi, the only female martyr in the inhumanely act. She was passionate for education of females in that young age and so she got into the school.

Altaf Hussain himself is a teacher in APS and he never forgets the debate in-between his daughter and himself in which she persuaded him to let her go to school.

Taking Responsibility:

Her act means true bravery. The true DIGNITY!!.
Her act means true bravery. The true DIGNITY!!.

Sofia Hijab, the Daring senior teacher of APS. Her story takes the means of bravery to another level. She came out of the disastrous moment safe and sound but she returned to safeguard her children, her responsibility.

Sofia was in the Auditorium when the attackers attacked. They attacked straight in the Auditorium. Somehow she managed to escape the place to the safe end but her inner self did not let her flee the situation leaving her students helpless. So she went back. She aided a score of injured students to get to safety but at last she was seen and shot by the butchers.

Sofia was a hard-working, talented and social teacher who liked to keep the people gathered and related to each other. She liked to travel Murree for picnics, cooked biryani on the weekends, her husband says.

Bilal, the Helping Hand:

The helping Hand, Gatekeeper BILAL.
The helping Hand, Gatekeeper BILAL.

The gatekeeper, Bilal was helping children to escape the situation, from the back-door of APS. But then, he was seen by the terrorists and shot dead.

He was going to be the father of second child. Her wife named the second child as Hanan Bilal, because Bilal wished and loved that name. Bilal wished for his elder son to be a doctor in the future, who is 3 ½ years now.


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