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Ban Ki Mon condemns attack on hospital in Yemen

Unted Nations General Secretary

General Secretary of United Nations, Ban Ki Mon has thrashed the attack on Yemeni Hospital on Sunday. The attack was supported by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). The organization is French based Medical Humanitarian Organization. The attacks left with four deaths and multiple injuries in Sa’ada Province of Yemen.

Addressing on the dice.
Addressing on the dice.

Representative of GS Ban Ki Mon has issued a statement on his behalf in which he has expressed his deepest condolences and grief’s with the belongings of the victims and to the Yemeni Nation.

The attack is latest of its kind on health facilities. In statement, it was written that General Secretary was extremely worried about the events and increasing difficulties for Yemeni people in attaining essential health equipment’s. It was further mentioned in the statement that, the hospitals are under the protection of International Humanitarian Law and any one attacking intentionally to the hospitals or its faculty are to be considered as international criminals.

Ban Ki Mon demanded from the respective authorities that the matter must be investigated by concerned through accurate, precise, effective and independent measures. It was added in a special notification from Ban Ki Mon that he called for all the parties involved in the Yemen to take peaceful methods in resolving the conflicts in the betterment of state.

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