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Bashar Al Asad makes an infrequent visit to church in Damascus

The Syrian President!

Bashar Al Asad, the sitting in Syrian President was seen attending an ancient Church in Damascus where choristers were making preparations for the Christmas Eve

Church In Damascus
Church In Damascus

. The church is close to area where Syrian army is busy fighting and engaging the rebels.

The state television of Syria showed pictures of Al Asad along with his wife entering to the church named Notre Dame De Damas. He was shown there exchanging words with the members of Choir.

He sat in the Sanctorium in the central Cathedral Hall and attended Christmas poems recitals by the choir. The church is at the distance of only 2 Km from Jobar, which has been the prime target of Russian planes dropping bombs in the recent past.

Bashar Al Asad has presented himself in the recent interviews to media as the savior of minority rights in his country. He expressed that his reign was an exemplary one in increasing tolerance among the people when the country was on the state of threat By Islamic State Jihadists.

While Bashar was visiting church in the natives, United Nations Security Council has explicitly approved a resolution on Friday which is made for endorsing international map for Syrian peace project.

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