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China hopes to amplify 4G coverage overall the country by 2018

Chinese MIIT, the ministry of Industry and Information Technology is very much determined to provide the nationals with updated INTERNET services. In this realm, they have released an action plan in which ministry vowed to honor every rural and urban area of the country with 4G services.images

Moreover, China has also included installation of Fiber Optic cables in more than 80% of its villages. It was significant in MIIT’s plan which is extensively for three years.

The ministry has set the target of provision of integrated, broad-band based, improved and secure networking infrastructure for the coming Chinese generation. For this purpose, it has been determined to pile up more focus and attention in the promo and boosting of 4G network services with urge for fast research and development for 5G network technologies.

This action plan will aid to increased usage and better performance of mobile phone communication technology, INTERNET services, e-commerce and e-banking purposes. Especially this step will aid greatly to the healthy and profitable development of e-commerce and e-banking, ultimately helping the service providers to initiate tough competition for marking their international presence.


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