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Donald Trump’s rally dislodged Muslim woman ‘over refugee comments’

Rose Hamid aged 56 was expelled from the rally of Donald trump after she stood against the words of Donald Trump regarding Syrian Refugees. This happened yesterday when Donald Trump was making speech to his Presidential campaign event in South Carolina

Addressing at his presidential campaign
Addressing at his presidential campaign.

She was wearing a hijab and shirt that was printed with words ‘Salam, I come in peace’. She stood patiently and silently in the path of rally hoping that her this act might result in changing the opinion of Trump’s supporters about Islam and Muslims.

But the supporters had no effect on them instead they began to chant against her by chanting “Trump, Trump” and demanding her to leave the place right away. According to the lady, someone in the rally has also accused her of having bomb.

Trump has called for ban of allowing Muslims to enter the United States after the Syrian upsurge. But yesterday he seemed in-humane when he suggested the security staff to confiscate the coats and sweeter of those who protested against him. Even then the security staff resisted because it was below freezing point outside in the atmosphere.

Donald then made a statement that Americans are losing control of their country because nobody is willing to step up and do something. He is getting a lot of criticism as well as appreciation from those who vow against him and with him respectively.

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