ECP to hold reserved seats election in Islamabad on 16th January

Election commission of Pakistan has authenticated the elections for the reserved seats of ICT MC on 16th January. This will be the second phase of Islamabad Capital Territory Municipal Committee election.

The administration is responsible for this serene beauty!!
Magnificently planned, brilliantly administered, this serene beauty!!

In this phase, the elected chairmen from 50 union councils of Islamabad District will choose the members on reserved seats for different categories. These will be members of minorities, technocrats, peasants, youth members and women right representatives.

Election commission have issued a notification addressed to the elected chairmen that they have to elect 17 women members, three non-Muslim members, one Technocrat representative, three peasant representatives, and three youth representative members for which the seats are reserved.

Once these members are elected, then the committee of 67 Membered Municipal Corporation will elect three deputy Mayors and a Mayor. It is in the regulations of Local Government act that the first meeting should not take more than 30 days for elected representatives. The elected members must be notified for the meeting and it should take place in between one month.

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