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Four top-posts allotted to women candidates in OIC

The Organization of Islamic Co-operation appoints four women to top posts

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has appointed women to 4 of the top positions. OIC includes 57 countries and is second largest organization of its kind after United Nations in the world.

The women have been appointed on the seats of Cultural and Social Affairs, Media and Information, Women and Family and Political Affairs. Women from Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Algeria and Yemen have been appointed.

Secretary General OIC, Iyyad Madni supports empowerment of women. In General Secretariat, 12 women members are also present.

Maha Aqeel, Muhlah Ahmed, Fadilah Qrain, Mouriah Abed.
Maha Aqeel, Muhlah Ahmed, Fadilah Qrain, Mouriah Abed.

From Saudi Arabia, Maha Aqeel is selected for OIC Director of Media and Information. From Mauritania, Muhlah Ahmed is the new appointment for Director General of Cultural, Social and Family Affairs. Fadilah Qrain, the Algerian has been appointed as Director of Social and Family Affairs. Nouriah Abed Al-Hamami belongs to Yemen and she is the new appointed Director of Department of Human Affairs.

Every one of new appointees has clearly spoken about their motives and goals after the appointment. All the women are well aware and suitable for their designated appointment.

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