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Hassan Asif is granted what may be his final wish

Hassan showing the picture of his Family.

Hassan Asif is a Pakistani student who is suffering from a serious cancer disease in Australia. He requested the Immigration department to revise the request of visas for his mother and brother to meet him in Australia. Minister Peter Dutton has accepted the request and revised the decision of immigration department to approve the visas for the mother and brother of the student.

when his condition was not critical!!
when his condition was not critical!!

Hassan Asif was contacted by his brother who is in Pakistan and he told Hassan about the approval of Visa requests. Hassan Asif is very delighted and happy upon the decision of Minister and he cannot wait to see his mother and brother along with him in Australia.

Asif is in the care of Melbourne City Mission Refuge which has already complied to bear the financial expenses for his family to visit him. Hassan’s health has been getting worst over the past few weeks drastically and it is a compassionate thing to allow him to meet his family in his last days of life, Ms. Smith said who is a senior worker at MCMR.

His family will be staying separately but Ms. Smith said they will try to make it possible for Hassan to spend most of his time with his family.

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