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Health Ministry plans to Declare National Vitamin Policy in March

National Health Ministry of Pakistan has promised to plan the country’s first ever National Policy for regulating Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients in March 2016.

Chief Executive Officer Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, Aslam Afghani has described in-front of a senate panel that the new rules and regulations would revise Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients in the market. It would clear the confusions in between the concepts of Drugs and Vitamins. Senate standing committee which has been made on National Health Services held a meeting under the chairmen Senetor Sajjad Hussain Turi.Senetor Sajjad Hussain Turi

In the meeting, the members of committee expressed their concerns over the vaccination of Hepatitis C, and the medicine is being sold on fairly high prices in the market. Members have also discussed the issues which are on the table for registering thousands of vaccines and medicines.

Senator Kalsoom Parveen has criticized the performance of National Health committee saying that the committee has failed to properly conduct the appointed tasks. She has also criticized the performance of PMDC. She explained that medical colleges are being opened without any rules and regulations according the will and wish of the owners. Futhermore, she has accused some of the officials of misusing the provided authority.

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