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Indian Objections force Sri Lanka to drop deal with Pakistan.

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Sri Lanka has postponed its deal to buy fighter jets from Pakistan because of strong objections protested by India, Sunday Express revealed. Sri Lanka had asked Pakistan to trade JF17-Thunder Fighter aircraft in the recent past.

This air craft has received world wide fame for its features
This air craft has received world wide fame for its features

Sunday Express claimed that Indian administrations had interfered in the deal and New Delhi sent a diplomatic memo to Colombo in which the flaws of jets were mentioned and Sri Lanka was suggested not to buy these faulty air crafts. New Delhi also pointed out in the memo that Colombo was at safe side of the Earth and it does not require jet fighters at now.

In the meanwhile, questions were raised about the explicit deal in Sri Lanka too. So, not able to defend the combined effect of inner and outer suppression, Sri Lanka chose to withdraw the deal for some time.

Mahishini Colonne, Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative for Sri Lanka has said that if it is observed that Sri Lanka needs to acquire an aircraft with these specs, Sri Lankan Authorities will ask transparent interests request from all the concerned options.

It was further revealed in the report that India has delivered the suggestions encapsulated in a white paper without a letterhead or Signature.

In the recent past, Sri Lankan Air Force was very seriously interested in buying PAF’s JF-17 Thunder aircrafts to replace Mig-27’s and Israeli Kfirs from SLAF fleet.

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