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Iranian State TV revealed that all US sailors have been released

United States Navy sailors who were detained by Iran have been released, claimed by Iran State Television. These soldiers were detained and taken into custody by Iranian Authorities for breaching the codes of International Law.

IRG sailors in speed boats.
IRG sailors in speed boats.

The sailors were in two small patrolling boats and accidentally they entered the Iranian Waters. They were kept in custody for just hours for making sure their entry in the restricted domain is not intentional or having any specific purpose, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard have said and verified what is explained above.

US sailors included nine men and one woman was kept into custody at Farsi Island, Persian Gulf.

5th Fleet of United States Navy which is based in Bahrain has not yet confirmed or negated about the accident. RG Navy Commander, General Ali Fadavi has uttered that after our interrogation, we came to result that their intention was not to breach in but accidentally they strode in.

It is also claimed by Iranian Media that the foreign Ministers of both the countries are continuously in contact to one another after incident happened. Iran and United States do not share friendly relations for more than three decades after it was found that Iran is building its Nuclear Weapons, but the tense relations have been a little eased after a deal over Iran’s Nuclear Ambition.

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