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Loss of 15 lives in Nile Boat accident: Egypt

Boat accident in River Nile, north to Cairo has claimed 15 lives.

According to the official reports of MENA news agency, at least 15 people drowned to the river and lost their lives after an unlicensed ferry overturned in the Nile River of Egypt. The accident happened north of the capital city, Cairo.

Rescue Works are busy in trying to find the bodies of lost people.
Rescue Works are busy in trying to find the bodies of lost people.

15 bodies of the drowned people were retrieved from the river and rescue teams are still in search of 2 more people who were on-board of ship.

Al-Sayed Nasr, the governor to Kafr Al-Sheikh province has said that the boat was not licensed and was overcrowded. It was not able to accommodate as many passengers as there were at the time of accident.

It has revived the memories of another boat accident that happened months before at the same venue in which a collision between part boat and cargo ship resulted in the loss of 36 important lives.

Egypt government has undertaken the issue seriously and had banned the use of Loudspeakers on ferries used for transportation purposes and on fishing vessels. Government has also decided to not build tributaries over Nile River.

Nile is crowded with Ferries used for transportation purposes, Cargo ships for transferring goods and fishing vessels for fishermen.

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