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Migrants figure who reached Europe exceeded One Million in 2015

Score of Refugees walking to enter Europe

Europe has received more than one million in the year 2015 since its beginning according to the figures revealed by International Organization for Migration and United Nation Refugee Agency.

The international Organization for Migration!!!
The international Organization for Migration!!!

The majority of these refugees landed in to Greece along with Bulgaria, Spain, Malta, Cyprus and Italy also being flooded with the refugees. Almost half of the count of figures was Syrians escaping the war in Syria. 20% migrants were Afghan refugees and 7% Iraqis in the count.

The total count of refugees was almost passing One Million. Some of them have lost their lives in the migration process either by drowning to sea or other means. 3600 people lost their life in the way or they did not reach their intended destination. 422 died by losing their life to sea.

United Nation Refugee Agency

United Nations refugee Agency
United Nations refugee Agency

said it was planning to manage the arrivals of Refugees at the same rate in next year but IOM predicted it is not possible to predict the rate at which Europe may receive the migrants.

The countries which are receiving the migrants are now developing concerns about the process being secure because of the terrorist’s suspicion. The prime factor for this concern among countries is ISIL who can mask up as refugees and enter in the country.

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