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Mobsters’ Terrain, Rawalpindi.

Robbers looting the city at free will!

A group of 4 dacoits grabbed as much as Rs 2.1 Million in cash at gunpoint from Petrol Pump manager and cashier of a petrol pump. The incident happened right in front of Regional Police Officer’s office.

Robbed At Gun-Point
Robbed At Gun-Point

As the office of RPO was in front, so there were policemen on the duty but none of them dared to encounter the robbery and stop dacoits. Scoundrels fled the site while firing freely at the will in the air and there was no one to even chase them down.

It was 12 at noon when Rafaq Ali and Fahad Amir, the manager and cashier were on the way to deposit the amount in a localized bank. They were stopped by four men (dacoits) who were on bikes too. They snatched the money from Rafaq and Amir on gun-point and fled.

Rafaq registered the complaint in Police Station Civil Lines. Number of policemen rushed to the site after being called by the manager.

A second incident took place in which some robbers burglarized four houses consecutively in one night and the residents were debarred of their precious belongings. The natives lost Gold, Mobile Phones, Cash Amount and other valuable items from their homes. This incident happened in the nearby of Chontra.

In another one, the Post Office was looted and the staff was kept as hostages by three men in Committee Chowk. The burglars were armed and dangerous. It happened in the area of Warris Khan Police Station.

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