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North Korea conducted fully successful attempt of Hydrogen Bomb

North Korea claims that the country has successfully experimented and developed Hydrogen Bomb.

North Korea has stepped a little further in advancement of technology. North Korean TV said that the country has successfully developed and tested a small size hydrogen bomb. When the test was performed, USGS reported an “Artificial Tectonic Activity” in the vicinity of testing site

North Korean Leader, in a press conference.
North Korean Leader, in a press conference.


This experiment is known to be the fourth public test of North Korean Nuclear program. An “important and exquisite” bulletin was on-aired which disclosed test conduction by North Korean TV that the government has succeeded in development and conducted successful test of Hydrogen Bomb at 10:00 am.

In the statement, it has also been confirmed that the test was performed in fully save environment and world ecology will have no affects following the experiment. The test was conducted in the light of indigenous wise supervision of the scientists and researchers. The methods and technology which was used in conduction were accurate, precise and it scientifically verified the power of H-Bomb.

The experiment was followed by a minor level earthquake in the suburbs of Pyongyang Nuclear Site. USGS detected the shocks of 5.1 magnitudes and the center point of the activity was confirmed to be 19 Kms east-northeast to Sungjibaegam.

On February 12, 2013 a similar seismic activity was recorded by USGS just before North Korea confirmed its third successful nuclear test conducted underground. It is yet not confirmed that North Korea has succeeded in developing any smaller Nuclear device which can be used at the time of oppression or in the war against the country to defend its sovereignty.

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