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PEMRA commanded TV channels to Veto space for terrorists advocates

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority advised TV channels to close the doors for advocates of terrorist groups. Furthermore, the authority has asked the channel owners to run content which depicts support of National Action Plan with full enthusiasm.

PEMRA issued warnings to several channels including TV One, Waqt News, Royal TV and AAJ TV for being found in promoting against what has been said above.

PEMRA warned channels of getting banned!!
PEMRA warned channels of getting banned!!

In a statement, it is clearly stated that strict measures will be taken against those who will not abide by the rules.

The press release says that every channel will be dealt with legal actions that will demonstrate highly personal, abusive or false allegations individually which will create a threatening look to Pakistan. The measures accordingly have been initiated in the past week sacking TV channels.

PEMRA has given serious importance to the language been used on the TV Channel platforms and it is expressed that not a single platform will be allowed to be used in spreading hatred or indecency against any individual, ethnic or religious group, institution of the state.

It is also requested to the regulators of TV Channels to abide by the respect and grace of every native of Pakistan. Those who will not adhere to it are expected to face strict actions by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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