People of twin-cities demand Public hospital along Islamabad Expressway

The daily traffic routine at off-duty hours

The population of twin-cities which live along the Islamabad expressway have demanded facilities of Public Hospital for better medical facilities and at affordable rates.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi are getting more and more congested and populated with the passage of time. and with the increase in population, the residents are facing more problems in medical services, drink-able water, and transportation.

Jam packed view of Expressway at on-duty hours.
Jam packed view of Expressway at on-duty hours.

The societies which are built in the surroundings are void of any Public Hospital administered by federal government. So the people have requested the government to undertake the request.

Among those who suffer, the people living in Koral Town, Sawan Garden, Jinnah Garden, PWD colony, Naval Anchorage suffer the most. The population living in these areas normally belongs to upper middle class with majority of those who cannot afford the fee structure of Private sector hospitals.

The demand is put forward by the residents keeping in view the seasonal emergency situations. In winter, children and elders get affected easily by contagious diseases so they have to be transported to either PIMS or Polyclinic hospital.

These both are farther from the suburbs of cities and heavy traffic on the roads make the situation worst for the patients to reach hospital in emergency situations. So, there is a dire need of a General Hospital which can accommodate patients from suburbs of twin-cities and Federal Government must respond positively to the issue.

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