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PML-N Youth secretary accused for committing rape

Newest victim of Gang-rape.

Punjab Youth Wing secretary, Adnan Sanaullah was blamed by Beenish for sexual harassment and raping her, in his report to police. Beenish is a 14-years old girl who was kidnapped and raped in Lahore.

She is Just 14 and her rights have been violated by those who are protectors.
She is Just 14 and her rights have been violated by those who are protectors.

The girl have also mentioned in his complaint that Sanaullah and his friends were on heavy toll of alcohol when they kidnapped her and assaulted her multiple times without paying attention to the requests of Beenish. Sanaullah has vowed to be a close companion of Rana Mashood.

The police have told media outlets that friends of the culprit have been arrested and police is taking serious measures to arrest the Youth Secretary too. Beenish was retrieved from a guest house where she was kept after being kidnapped and vehemently gang-raped.

The statesman of police has told the media that the victim was assaulted and insulted by over 10 people. Six of who have been arrested while raids are been done to arrest others too. The sad fact in this incident is the involvement of three policemen too. Beenish has included in her complaint that she was subjected to drink wine forcibly and later gang-raped multiple times.

DIG operations, Lahore region Dr. Haider Ashraf has said police is responding quickly and conducting raids to arrest the accused.

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