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Reviving true image is the duty of Muslims: Rouhani

President of Iran

Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran has uttered that it is the duty of Muslims in the world to revive the true image of Islam in the world, which has been impaired by the violence going on recently.

While listening to a question in press-conference.
While listening to a question..

He was addressing to a conference in Tehran where he has said it is moral obligation to every Muslim in the world to improve the negative image of Islam which is being portrayed all over the world. Electronic and Print media both have played important role in this space. He also uttered that Islamic Basic principles do not comply with violence in any means.

He was in particular addressing to those Islamic states that are continuously negotiating weaponry deals with western world. Hassan has also urged all the Muslim countries to play their role in stopping violence across the world.

He believes and has uttered that the image of Islam can only be corrected if every Muslim living in the world plays his part to promote the true spirits and teachings in all manners.

Hassan Rouhani has addressed all the Muslim nations in the world by saying that “it must be a shame for every Islamic country to watch our Muslim brothers and sisters to seek refuge in non-Muslim countries”.

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