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Russia on Serious threat of Global Warming

Global Warming, affecting Russia more than any other country.

Russia is getting affected from the Global Warming twice fast as any other country of the world, Environment Ministry of Russia has published today.

Smoke from the chimney of a factory aids in Global Warming
Smoke from the chimney of a factory aids in Global Warming

In last 4 decades, the temperatures in Russia have risen more than twice as that of any other part in the world. The rise rate for Russia is 0.42 Degree Celsius per Decade where as in the other parts of the world, it is only 0.17 Degree Celsius per Decade.

Environment Ministry on Friday has said in a report that this change in temperature globally has posed serious threats to the world metro-logical phenomena.

Vladimir Puchkov, Emergencies Minister have threatened about the revolutions in Global Warming effects over Russia and has suggested the government to undertake serious measurements in October 2015.

In Moscow, the metro-logical department is curious about the abnormal behavior of temperature increase, increase of 8.5 degree Celsius was seen on Thursday of last week. It has been going on all over the Russia.

Vladimir Puchkov has said that the world is been jolted with Earthquakes more than often now. The risks of Landslides, green-house gas effects, flash floods are increasing day by day so it is really important for the government to make the move in this respect.

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