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Sargodha Police apprehended 20 dubious people including Afghan Immigrants

handcuffsIn distinct raids held in Sargodha today, city police has arrested almost 20 people who were doubtful for their identity. Among those who are arrested, Afghan Nationals were also included and the police also recovered drugs and ammunitions from these arrested people.

In details, the police initiated operations to apprehend the criminals in the various areas of the city. During the operation, police has arrested 20 suspects from different areas of the city who were hesitating to disclose their identity. In those 20 people, 5 were the immigrants of Afghanistan living without the permission of Government in the city.

After filing the appropriate legal cases against those who are detained by the police, investigations have been started. Sargodha police has apprehended these people involved in criminal activities with seizing drugs and arms in the possession of those people.

Further details will be uncovered after completing the investigation against those apprehended.


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