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South Korea invented Electrical Vehicle System to charge vehicles on road

Revolution in transportation system in GUMI, South Korea.

South Korea has revolutionized the transportation system by inventing a system which recharges the battery while the vehicles are on the road. This is a first of its kind system which is designed to maintain the optimum performance of battery operated vehicles for transportation like buses and cars etc.

OLEV System
OLEV buses and tracks which are used for wireless charging the vehicles on track

This happened at Korea’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology where researchers have succeeded to develop such a system which eliminates the fear of using battery operated vehicles. OLEV System (On-Line Electric Vehicle) is the name of that system.

In GUMI, the city of South Korea where a road is mapped with power sources which are installed on the road way at periodic distances. The road stretch is initially 7 ½ mile long. These power sources are embedded at periodic distances which will recharge the vehicle when it reaches the designated spot.

When the vehicle reaches to that spot, these installed power sources connect them to the grid of vehicle and are programmed to turn on and off selectively. This method is very much cost effective and productive for transportation in modern era where consumption of battery-operated vehicles is increasing gradually.

This system is one of the great inventions as it is very Eco-friendly and effective in reducing pollution when and if used worldwide. According to KAIST only of 5-15% of the existing pathways required to be re-built for installation of OLEV system.

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