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Taliban Talks, inclusion of Pakistan is un-welcomed by Afghanistan opposition

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Recently, Ashraf Ghani who is president of Afghanistan has decided to include Pakistan in peace-talks with Taliban. But this decision was not welcomed by the Afghanistan parliament opposition.

Umer Daudzai,
Umer Daudzai,

Ex-interior Minister, Umer Daudzai has said that political intrusions over the peace-talks have worsened the situation in the country. Especially, where the forces are busy fighting with terrorists. He is having a view that Islamabad legitimately wishes to command the process.

Umer went on further of accusing Pakistan that Taliban are an asset to Pakistan and it will never wish to lose that asset. Umer said that the process could have been more favorable without the inclusion of Pakistan.

He has suggested that any small bunch of Afghan Men, who are definitely acceptable to both parties of Peace-Talks, could have acted as the communication medium. Using them, the process of arranging face-to-face meeting could have been done neatly but Ashraf Ghani does not want that.

In the meanwhile, the people protested against the decision outside the Presidential Palace. But they were scattered by the security when they tried to break into the palace from one of the walls.

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