Temperature decreases in Islamabad/Rawalpindi as rain pours down

Islamabad gets wet after yesterdays rain and met office predicted more in next 24 hours.

Light rain with chill breeze has brought down the temperature level in the suburbs of Islamabad and Rawalpindi yesterday. The rain was much awaited by the farmers of the region as their crops were getting ruined without it.

People gather around fire in the streets as the temperature is getting down.
People gather around fire in the streets as the temperature is getting down.

The metro-logical office has said that the showers of rain have been measured of different levels in different areas of twin cities. In Saidpur, Islamabad, it was 23 millimeters, Chaklala Housing Scheme received 33 millimeters, and Rawalpindi Medical College with 39 millimeters of rain.

Metro-logical Office is further expecting rain in next 24 hours. Rescue 1122 is closely monitoring water flow in Nullah Leh to face any critical flood warning and has said that the water flow in Nullah is normal.

The rain has caused increased in the discomfort of city natives. The people are already pressurized by low-gas pressure and now rain has further decreased the temperature. People are forcibly buying coal and wood for burning purposes at high rates from the market and no regulatory measures are taken to set the rates.

In the meanwhile, for the vendors selling Pakoras, Samosas, Tea, Soup and Dry Fruit, the business is raised following the rain. The farmers are also happy receiving the rain as it is essential for their crop and at just right time.

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